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Paris brings focus to high school

By Jeanne Marcello Staff Reporter

CHESANING – Chesaning High School Principal Robert Paris went before the Chesaning High School Board of Education on Dec. 21 to discuss his strategy for the school year. He stated, “My three main focuses this year are “Time on Task,” “Building Relationships,” and “Effective Instruction.”

Paris talked about increasing the Time on Task by reducing interruptions. He explained that the high school has activity times that interrupt class time. Paris has set two activity times per month to cut down on time out of class. In addition, school announcements are now scrolling on television screens throughout the school. Trivia questions are thrown in with the announcements for prize incentives that make kids want to check the announcements.

Paris describes his strategy as “Bell to Bell instruction”. He makes strategic classroom visits to reduce times when students are just standing around waiting. The plan is to have activities in the classrooms when the students arrive and as they are leaving.

Paris is also focused on building positive relationships with students. “It’s amazing when you start talking with students about their grades,” he said explaining that students start reporting to him when they have improved those grades. His philosophy includes “building relationships with difficult kids.” He talked about teachers building relationships with students when they work with them in various after school activities, such as CAPA, which is currently rehearsing for Shakespeare’s Mac Beth.

Finally, Paris is working toward more effective instruction with the goal of improving students’ performance on the MME (Michigan Merit Exams).

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