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Few changes for Chesaning Zoning Board of Appeals

By Jeanne Marcello Staff Reporter

CHESANING - The Chesaning Township Zoning Board of Appeals held their annual meeting on April 14, 2010. Planning Board Chairman Harold Mallery talked about recently adopted changes in the township’s zoning ordinance.

Mallery explained that a lot of the changes made the zoning ordinance, “made it more user-friendly.” Two zoning districts were eliminated; combining all agriculture under one zoning, and all manufacturing under another zoning classification.

Mallery identified the most significant change in his opinion as, “We defined field sports, putting more clarification so it won’t come back to haunt us.” He made reference to challenges the board of appeals encountered when an applicant argued that a racetrack was a field sport.

Mallery pointed out that the new zoning ordinance has a section addressing private windmills for electricity.

Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman Tom Gross asked if they had done anything with wood burners.

Mallery responded, “No, those are regulated as accessory buildings,” adding, “I readily agree they do not belong in a populated area.”

Terry Gross asked Mallery if there had been any changes in regard to acreage.

Mallery assured Terry that they “didn’t change anything about acreage.” He went on to explain the process of how the Planning Board had worked with Spicer Engineering. The Spicer representative offered possible changes, one chapter at a time. Some they adopted, others they threw aside. They then voted to accept all the changes before sending the new version on to the township board.

The Chesaning Township Board approved the revised zoning ordinance during their April 8 meeting. It has now gone on to the county for review.

The Chesaning Township Zoning Board of Appeals reelected their officers, with Tom Gross as president and Harold Mallery as secretary.

The next annual meeting for the Zoning Board of Appeals was set for April 6, 2011.

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