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Streets a topic of concern at Chesaning council

By Jeanne Marcello
Staff Reporter

CHESANING – During the March 18 meeting of the Chesaning Village Council, resident Tim Ghent approached the council about poor street condition within the village.

“I’m wondering if you’re going for a vote or millage. If you go down Wood Street or Clark Street, they’re atrocious,” he said.

Village President Joe Sedlar, Jr. responded, “We’re well aware of it. We’re doing two roads this year. One of our worst roads is Fourth Street, where the schools are. We tried a millage several years ago. It didn’t go through.”

Ghent said, “Something has got to be done. It you want to attract businesses, get people to move in, people aren’t going to want to buy a home in this area.”

Sedlar said, “It’s not just roads, it’s what’s underneath them. That’s what’s expensive.” Councilman Damion Frasier said, “The state has given you tax cuts for the last 20 years and they’ve been cutting revenue sharing to us.”

According to Sedlar, “The state took $805,000 and gave it to Saginaw County for road repairs; only $11,560 filtered down to the Village of Chesaning. That amount won’t even cover patching and patching doesn’t stick.”

Councilman Don Swartzmiller said, “We are doing things; spending $1.5 million on sewers. On Wood Street we have more potholes than asphalt. We are progressing, but very slowly.” Councilman Matthew Hoover moved that they place a ballot proposal for roads on the next ballot.

Swartzmiller responded, “It’s not that simple. We have to do our homework.” Hoover then said, “I make a motion we do our homework.”

Sedlar commented, “Everything needs to be fixed.”

Hoover said, “We need a mitigation plan for Wood Street.”

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