2014-06-22 / News Briefs

NEWS Briefs

SENIORS CLEAN UP – During the June 16 Chesaning Union Schools Board of Education meeting, Chesaning Township Supervisor Bob Corrin reported on the May 14 senior cleanup day. There were 65 seniors (who have since graduated) coordinated by Lisa Bohn. In addition to raking pine cones and planting trees at Wildwood Cemetery, they cleaned up the parks, and around the township hall. Corrin expressed his appreciation for what they did.

DAYCARE/LATCHKEY EXPANDS – Chesaning Union Schools board member Lisa Greenfelder reported that the number of children in the school district’s daycare/ latchkey program at Big Rock Elementary School has doubled over the past year. The program accepts children as young as 3 and 4-years old. Due to the increase in enrollment, Superintendent Mike McGough said the school district will have to hire a couple additional people for the summer. If this expansion continues, they may be able to offer a program at the middle school as well, McGough said.

HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL – Chesaning High School Principal Stephan Clark has resigned from Chesaning Union Schools as principal of Chesaning High School. Superintendent Mike McGough set an application of June 20.

CHESANING FIREWORKS – During the recent village council meeting, Chesaning Chamber of Commerce President Randy Stoddard talked about the fireworks at Showboat Park on July 3. Stoddard told the Chesaning Village Council that there will be live entertainment under the small pavilion near the boat launch from 6 to 10 p.m. The fireworks will be set off about 10 p.m.

DAWN PATROL – Chesaning Village Councilman Bill Boyd announced that there will be a Dawn Patrol pancake breakfast at Howard Nixon Memorial Airport on Sunday, July 13, starting at 7 a.m. The Experimental Aircraft Association will host the event.

BEWARE OF PHONE SCAMS – Chesaning Police Chief Stacey Wilburn warns that there have been many reports of phone scams lately. “Do not give out any personal information,” she said. Some scams have demanded payment over the phone for an unpaid debt; threatening that FBI personnel were on their way with an arrest warrant if they didn’t pay by phone immediately. “That’s not the process. Just hang up on them. If you’re worried, call us,” Chief Wilburn said. In another case, a scam artist contacted a local business claiming to be a Chesaning police detective investigating an embezzlement. They requested the business owner give credit card information. Fortunately, the business owner was sharp enough to know better. Don’t give out personal information. If concerned, contact the local police department.

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