2014-07-13 / News

Village of Oakley gets insurance

By Jeanne Marcello
Staff Reporter

OAKLEY – “We have insurance,” Oakley Village Clerk Cheryl Bolf told the media; after the July 8 council meeting was cut short over conflicting information about the transition of power in the wake of President Douglas Shindorf’s death.

The village of Oakley was at risk of not having any insurance coverage after July 1, 2014 since the Michigan Municipal League insurance carrier had cancelled the village policy effective July 1.

Other insurance carriers had reviewed the village’s history of lawsuits and the fact that their Michigan Municipal League insurance was dropping the village. The few estimates that were received were deemed astronomical for the small village.

Village President Pro-Tem Sue Dingo told the media that Police Chief Robert Reznick and one of the reserve officers had referred village officers to an insurance company out of Troy.

Dingo was the only one available to work on the insurance application on July 1. “I worked on it all day. As long as we had it finished by 4 p.m. [the village would have coverage.] We were never without coverage,” Dingo said.

Bolf said they were able to work within the village budget to cover the cost. “I’ve been working with this company [Doeren Mayhew]. We are insured for general liability, property insurance and the police department.”

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