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Hearing Aid Facts
• Hearing aids are not an over-the-counter purchase In order for hearing aids to work
properly, they need to fit professionally, based on individual needs and preferences.
• Hearing changes over time A hearing care specialist will guide you as your needs change.
To reach optimum hearing potential, proper adjustments need to be made throughout the
lifetime of the hearing aid.
• Results may vary depending on severity of hearing loss Realistic expectations must be
explained by a hearing care specialist to reach full benefit with amplification.
• Hearing aids need to be professionally cleaned Proper maintenance, including cleanings
every three months, will ensure the longevity and performance of your devices. FREE
Why Beltone: Hearing Screening
There’s a good reason Beltone has been around since 1940.
As time and technology change, so do we. But one thing never
changes – our commitment to our patients.
You always get more with Beltone:
P BelCare™ exclusive lifetime care on our hearing aids.
P Dedicated and highly-trained hearing care specialists.
Custom Digital Hearing Instruments

P Cutting-edge technology for every lifestyle and budget. EXPIRES 3-23-18

P Must trusted name in hearing care among adults over 50.
P 78 years of experience and a 95% patient satisfaction rating. Financing Available!
Easy low payments,
Beltone is the brand you can trust. 12 months Same as Cash**

Call today for your FREE hearing screening!
We will match and exceed MPSERS-TruHearing prices. We accept most insurance & discount programs including: Medicare Advantage,
Prescription Drug Plans, Health Care & Silver Programs. We will provide, meet and exceed their pricing structure.
Flint Owosso Fenton
G-4080 Miller Rd. 120 W. Exchange St. 2809 Silver Lake Rd.
Suite 102
810-275-1473 810-471-4253
M/TH/F 9-5, TUE 9-7, 989-945-0251 M/TH 9-5, TUE 9-7,
WED 9-3, 1ST/3RD SAT 9-1 M/W/TH 9-5, 1 SAT 9-1
WED 9-3, 1ST SAT 9-1
Helping the world hear better Clio Davison
5105 W. Vienna Rd., Suite C 407 W. Flint St. Suite A
www. BeltoneHearingAid .com 810-471-4558 810-208-2123
T/F 9-5 W/F 9-5
Financing available with interest rates as low as 9.9% with approved credit and automated clearing house. Previous purchases excluded. Benefits of hearing instruments vary by type and degree of hearing
loss, noise environment, accuracy of hearing evaluation and proper fit. Participation may vary by location. ©2018 Beltone
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