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Chesaning Village Council Meeting Minutes
December 5, 2017
President Sedlar called the meeting of the Chesaning Vil- Public Statement – Tim Woycik, Brady St, read an article about
lage Council to order at 7:30 p.m. on December 5, 2017, in the the negative effects Marijuana trade in Colorado, where it is
Village of Chesaning council chambers. legal recreationally. Miguel Escamilla, Birch Run Rd, asked if his
family could use 2 ball fields in Showboat Park for a fundraising
Roll Call: Present- Cicalo, Hoover, Larner, Navarre, Sedlar, Von- tournament. He promised that the area would be cleaned and
drasek, Wenzel Feltman, & Powell. understood that no bathrooms would be available because they
have already been winterized.
Motion by Vondrasek, supported by Larner to approve the Motion by Wenzel, supported by Navarre to allow Xavier’s
agenda. Motion carried. Battle to use 2 ball fields for a charity fundraising tournament
this weekend. Motion carried. President Sedlar asked the Boy
Public Statement I – Statements concerning current agenda Scout in attendance, Luke Bennett, why he was attending. He
items. said that he is working on his Citizenship in the Community Mer-
it Badge and a rank advancement.
Consent Agenda –
Receive & file: Michigan Municipal League Legislative Up- Committee Reports
date Infrastructure – No meeting.
Approval of the Village Council meeting minutes from No- Finance & Administration – Will meet before the next meeting.
vember 21, 2017. DDA – Meets Wednesday the 13th.
Approval of Accounts Payable $108,945.22 Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting – Meets next Thursday
at 8am.
Motion by Hoover, supported by Cicalo to approve the con- Planning Commission – No meeting. Will meet on December
sent agenda. Motion carried. 20th.
Airport – No meeting.
New Business Fire Board – 200 runs to date for the year. On November 22
while assisting Tri-County a man was injured. They held a train-
Items for Introduction / Discussion- ing about blood borne pathogens. The Fire Board would like to
Sun2O Partners Land Acquisition Proposal wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and to
Proposal B would not be possible because the area requested remind everyone to check their furnace filters.
takes up part of the runway. Council expressed interest in Pro- Task Force – Santa’s Village had record attendance for the first
posal A with the lease option. Public hearing would be necessary. weekend. Home sales in Chesaning are slightly down. Candle-
walk went fabulously and attendance was up from past years.
Solid Waste Collection Program: Cart Use Requirement Township taxes have been sent out. Next meeting in January.
Granger would like to move to only using the supplied carts and
not allow the small recycling totes. Granger is willing to have Administrator’s Report –
workers go up to homes of people unable to get the large carts to Submitted a written report. Feltman stated that the Bonds were
the street. Council would like to know how many homes are not sold for the Chamber building project on November 28th and
using the large carts before asking residents to make changes. that contracts have been drawn up by attorneys. He also said
that work would begin on the 100block of N Chapman including
Items for Action- 2 new valves and a hydrant and water line. That road will be
Resolution 18-2017 Parks & Recreation Funds Transfer: Pro- closed to traffic and parking for a week with water shutoff affect-
grams Proceeds ing only one building for half of a day. Council discussed making
The amount in the fund is $15,201.25. $5,000 that the Village that block of Chapman a one way street in order to make more
had put in is kept leaving $10,210.25. parking available in the area. The people that run the snowmo-
Motion by Hoover, supported by Cicalo to adopt Resolution bile swap meet have requested use of Showboat Park for the
18-2017 Parks & Recreation Funds Transfer in the amount of first week of November 2018.
$10,210.25. Motion carried.
Councilman Wenzel asked about parking in right of ways in the
USDA Rural Development Water System Improvement Proj- Village. He stated that a business was told by the police that
ect: Change Order #6 drivers would be ticketed if they were parked in a right of way
Motion by Vondrasek, supported by Navarre to approve across the street. Feltman had found an ordinance stating that
USDA Rural Development Water System Improvement Project: that was wrong and this will be communicated to police officers
Change Order #6. Motion carried. within the Village.

USDA Rural Development Water System Improvement Proj- Motion by Vondrasek, supported by Navarre to adjourn the
ect: Contractor’s Pay Application #12: $32,317.46 regular council meeting.
Motion by Hoover, supported by Navarre to approve USDA
President Sedlar adjourned the regular council meeting at
Rural Development Water System Improvement Project: Con-
8:27 p.m.
tractor’s Pay Application #12 for $32,317.46. Motion carried.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Village Clerk Tina Powell
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